European Institute of Chartered Accountants

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What is CA

Chartered Accountant ( CA ) is highest authority for accounts and audit. Their specialisation in
Accounting, Financial Reporting, Management Accounting, Finance Management, Taxation and Auditing
equips them with suitable skills to represent themselves at executive position in an organisation.


Analytical And Problem Solving Ability:


A finance expert support and advice is inevitable in order to certain the progress of a business. The
report may be based on a short, long or day-to-day basis, Chartered Accountants have required usability
in solving problems generally, that it makes the Chartered Accountants and go-to person for any kind of
problems faced by companies. So far, people file taxes and the business exists, the need of CA will be
always in trend.


Various Career Choices:


After completing a degree in CA, there are numerous scope to choose a path as a career choice. The
career options are vast and varied making the chances to earn high financial remunerations. The most
favourable choice in jobs is auditing, accounting and finance. A CA can work as a consultant, SAP
specialist, and setup own practice, the chances in this particular field is infinite. Accounting field cannot
be outsourced and put away easily. The job opportunities in accounting are destined to enhance in the
coming years. While studying accounting, you will learn practical skills about analysing costs and
crunching numbers that employers require. This provides a visible pathway for a career than the person
who decides to study Philosophy or English where the results are difficult to mention. While choosing a
career in an accounting degree, you know very well about the career prospects. Although there are
various types of fields in accounting, the duties and skills are generally the same, so you will know in
advance before signing in for anything.


Occupies High-Level Strategic Skills:


Experience in this particular field after post-qualification makes a CA work in a huge amount of offering
in the business analysis which makes to use knowledge in complex information gathering for business
growth, so the CA is required to be smart to enhance the ability. In the profession of accounting, the
dream to be your own boss is always alive. It is easy for CAs to start a small firm within reach. This is not
a fact in every profession.


Demanding Career Choice:


As chartered accountant plays a very important part in managing the finances and the working of
finance and accounting related tasks, therefore, being a Chartered Accountant is a good choice and
required for the growth in the field.


Help In Society Improvement:


As CA plans an important role in business and tries hard to enhance the bottom-line of a company, a
Chartered Accountant obtains satisfactory positioning in a contribution to the community and lives of


Plays a Role of Responsible Person:


A Chartered Accountant is believed to be respectful and trustworthy. The CA gets a chance to be with
multiple people and people respect the CAs in any gathering and get together.